Botticelli Art has been founded so that artists feel the support, criticism and artistic recognition they deserve. We have created a platform where their creations can be freely contemplated by those who know to value the effort, dedication and love that artists pour on the canvas.

In Botticelli Art we have brought together a wide range of artists both those of great international prestige, as well as others who, with their youth and expressive strength, want to carve the way of artistic expansion.

The continuous incorporation of new artists makes Botticelli Art an innovative company in the art world. All works are original and certified by their authors. Our website is just a small sample of the quality and diversity of the artworks and of the artists with cooperate with. The size of the paintings varies, from small to very large.

Our cabinet of experts offers advice and services to professionals in the sector, mainly art galleries, interior designers, distributors and high-decoration stores.

If you are a profesional,  in Botticelliart you´ve just found a suitable place.