In love with art, music and dance - Antonio Torres Alba, the artist who portrays ballet dancers.


Antonio Torres Alba was born in Albacete in 1969 for almost 30 years, he has been experimenting with different techniques, themes and styles. In the late 90-ties, he discovered his true vocation: to portray the world of ballet. With his unique vision and perfect mastery of colour, Antonio has gained appreciation throughout Europe, Santo Domingo, Cuba, the USA, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. He received several awards, the last one in May 2021 Ocell XX Edition Award.

Thanks to the paintings of Antonio Torres Alba, we have access to the closed world of ballet and see what the vast majority of people can not or do not notice. Antonio Torres Alba spends many hours backstage observing, taking notes and sketching dancers backstage during performances. The result of his patience and dedication are artworks full of colour, movement and beauty. His exceptional sensitivity allows him to portray the magical moments of the world of dance.

"I feel deeply inspired and grateful to God for living magical moments behind the scenes surrounded by great professionals from the wonderful world of Dance". Antonio Torres Alba